Losing 10kg was definitely a learning experience within itself! I found out more about myself during this time than another in my adulthood. There were many things that worked (some of them surprised me) and many things I tried that are supposed to work but didn’t for me! Everyone is different and there isn’t a one size fits all system so be true to your body, work with it not against it. Here are a few things that worked for me:

Lesson #1

Ignorance is not bliss, its delusional! If you can’t face the scales how are you going to suck it up and do what needs to be done to lose weight? Have the courage to take inventory of what is really going on not just on the scales but other factor that could be contributing to weight gain. Set a realistic picture of what you are striving for and go for gold!

I have the belief that the scales are my friend. They always tell me the truth no matter what and sometimes give me the reality check I need. It was jumping on the scales and seeing that I was 2kg beyond my worst nightmare that gave me the much needed kick in the butt to do something about it. I haven’t weighed that much since.

Lesson #2

Caffeine is my enemy. As much as I love a heavenly latte in the morning, coffee excess unfortunately causes a host of negative ripple effects in my body and blocks weight loss. Coffee leaves me with the jitters soon after consumption then super drained in the afternoon. On top of that it also gives me migraines 

You might be reading this and think there is no way coffee could block weight loss, research shows caffeine to stimulate weight loss. However, caffeine can have adverse effects in women who have thyroid or hormonal dis-regulation https://goo.gl/VdHckq.

Lesson # 3

Investigate and resolve your health issues holistically with good quality food and supplements. If you have been enduring a condition or illness for some time, isn’t it about time you explore alternative options? In my case it was hormonal- PMS, moodiness, bloating and cramps. During these times I would crave highly processed carbs, corn chips, pasta and bread like a mad woman which would only add to bloating and cramps later.

Health issues (some really personal ones) are not something you have to hide in shame or just put up with just because you have been told you can’t do anything about. Nutrition does make a difference to how you feel and symptoms you may be experiencing. A naturopath was able to provide me with guidance on how to eat to restore my health, what foods suited me and what didn’t.

Likewise, your psychological health is just as important. Having fun and enjoyment is so underrated. Feeling unhappy, resentful, depressed one can turn to emotional eating for comfort. (In lesson # 5, I mention the benefits of hypnosis for emotional eating).

Lesson # 4

Vegetables are your best friend. The more you eat the less room you have for other foods that are not so good for you. Vegetables contain fiber, nutrients and protein that provide you with that full feeling but without the regret of excess calories. Go nuts!

I predominately ate a plant based diet and the weight feel off. You can use vegetables to fill the void of some of those (not your friend) processed staple foods you may have been accustomed to.

Lesson # 5

Mindset is King! No strategy or dietary approach works unless you make it work for you. When you what you need to do, your attitude and determination about getting it done will determine how strong you hold to the finish line. The great thing is a winning mindset can be developed fairly effortlessly with hypnotherapy. This is something I did that helped me eat smaller meals and develop a mindful routine around food.

Addressing the issue at the root cause, building confidence in oneself is also important as it is easy to get distracted by the next diet fad. At HypnoLAB (Hypnotherapy Clinic in Melbourne) we have had much success in with using Hypnosis for emotional eating as an effective tool to assist individuals to adopt healthy weight loss behaviours.

About the Author:

Monika Polemicos Clinical Hypnotherapist is the founder of HypnoLAB a busy Hypnotherapy clinic in Melbourne specialising in hypnosis for emotional eating, sugar addiction, weight loss and more. Contact Monika to find out how you can make weight loss easier with hypnosis.