Great question! and often overlooked when staring any weight loss routine. As a hypnotherapist who specialises in weight loss, I help my clients with focus that will sustain them and their health for the long haul (rather than a quick fix).

Firstly creating a compelling and inspiring visual representation of your ideal future self is key. That is how do you want to look and feel at your ideal size? Practicing and connecting to this every day is like training your brain to scan oppotunitites in your environment that move towards that goal. A bit like the law of attraction, what you focus on is what you get more of, so if your focus is on “i don’t want to be fat” or “i have to lose weight”, your focus is on ‘weight’ and ‘fat’ which deflates energy.

Secondly its identifying the barriers to weight loss. On the surface this could be diet and exercise however I see a lot of people with lifestyle stressors, a history of trauma that had not been resolved and is undermining their long term results. Dealing with these first is essential as sometimes wanting to lose weight can act as a distraction to what is really going on.

Then really its about building an ‘easy to implement’ routine around the activities that will bring results. I would never recommend a complete lifestyle change initially, rather implementing a few key habits until it become second nature then adding more over time.

Going to the gym everyday may be extremely daunting for someone who has never been before or is self conscious about their weight. However walking everyday maybe the first positive step to moving their body they can commit to. Kale for someone who only eats fast food is a stretch, however preparing half the weekly meals a home maybe achievable.

Rewarding yourself after reaching short term goals also provides motivation to keep going and achieve the next one. Be sure to acknowledge the positive changes that have taken place like having more energy, being able to run a certain distance, lift weights or the positive outlook and confidence that you can do anything that you put your mind to.