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An award winning practice

An award winning practice

Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Practice of the Year 2024 - Victoria & Most Transformative Hypnotherapist 2023– Melbourne

Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Practice of the Year 2024 - Victoria & Most Transformative Hypnotherapist 2023– Melbourne

Imagine enjoying a deep sense of calm and peace in your day to day life.

Springing out of bed each morning feeling energised and positive after a deep, rejuvenating and worry-free sleep.

Being completely confident and relaxed in social situations and beginning to feel hopeful and excited for the future, free of fear, self-doubt, insecurities, anxiety and constant negative self talk.  

Imagine enjoying a deep sense of calm and peace in your day to day life.

Springing out of bed each morning feeling energised and positive after a deep, rejuvenating and worry-free sleep.

Being completely confident and relaxed in social situations and beginning to feel hopeful and excited for the future, free of fear, self-doubt, insecurities, anxiety and constant negative self talk.  

This is the life you can and deserve to live, with the help of the resources and programs we have available you can start to transform your life within days and BE YOURSELF AGAIN!

Our Anxiety relief specialists will sessions will be tailored to your exact needs so we can quickly eliminate the root causes and daily triggers of your anxiety, allowing you to finally switch off, relax and enjoy a calm, peaceful mind, and a happier healthier life.

Our Happy Clients:

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David T
14 February 2024
I went through the anxiety relief program with Sherryn and was really impressed with her tough love approach to really work on my anxiety. Sherryn helped me take a deeper look into who I am and helped empower the strengths I have and we all have. This has helped me move forward and do things I would have usually put off through procrastination. Thanks Sherryn.
tailzz z
7 February 2024
I cannot express how fantastic Sherryn and Monica are at Hypnolab. I presented with anxiety symptoms which I was beginning to believe that there was no treatment available anywhere after exhausting so many other practitioners. How wrong was I! The ladies at Hypnolab genuinely care about the outcome , are kind, considerate and as invested in your growth and improvement as you are. Do yourself a favour and see them - the effect is nothing short of profound.
Jo Henri
23 December 2023
The resources and hypnotherapy provided by my therapist, Sherryn proved to be a major turning point for me. My anxiety, which I have had for years, has gone in the day to day arena and if any pops up due to external crisis I have the knowledge and tools with which to manage and control it. This gives me power over my emotions as I have learned through this process that my emotions do not rule me that I rule them and that is very empowering. Emotions can come to the forefront out of nowhere in response to external stimuli however what you do with these emotions and how you react to them is totally within my power. This has worked wonders for me and means I can go forward from here with much more serenity than when I started this journey. Thank you Sherryn for your enlightenment, support and mentoring.
Jeannette Tilev
19 June 2023
My deepest thanks to Sherryn Bowers for all her guidance and support throughout my 12 week session with Hypnolab. From my initial discussion with Monica to my further sessions with Sherryn, I felt comfortable and safe. I have been struggling with anxiety and depression for sometime now and although I have previously seen a psychiatrist years ago, Sherryn was able to dive into my past and guide me through the process of dealing with them to the point where I was able to not allow them to raise impact me like they previously had. I also had an upcoming major surgery which I was very nervous and anxious about as previous experiences post surgery were very bad where my anxiety was quite horrific and took over my entire being bringing with it major depression and feelings of doom. I was apprehensive this would happen again so Sherryn worked with me to help me prepare. I went into surgery still quite nervous of history repeating itself. To my disbelief, I woke in the recovery room with NO feelings of anxiety, sadness or depression. I was amazed at how 'ok' I felt. It's now over 4 weeks post-surgery and I am still doing ok. I have had some minor anxiety but with the tools Sherryn equipped me with, I have dealt with them easily. I can't thank Sherryn enough for what she has done for me. She is professional, yet compassionate. I felt very comfortable talking with her. It was like talking to a friend, she made it that easy!Thanks Sherry, you will never know how grateful I am and will always be. xx
Sam Barbagallo
18 June 2023
I am writing to express my gratitude for all the help and support Monika has provided to two teenagers as a psychologist at HypnoLab.As a parent, it's always been my top priority to ensure my children's mental and emotional well-being. I'm happy to say that Monika has been instrumental in achieving this goal.Monika has a unique ability to connect with teenagers, understand their problems, and offer practical solutions that work. Her approach is non-judgmental, and she creates a safe and comfortable space for my teenagers to express themselves freely.Monika introduced them to various techniques and tools that have helped them manage their emotions and improve their mental health. Her sessions are designed to get results fast.She has been a valuable resource for my family, and we are grateful for her support.
Josephine Gagliardi
4 June 2023
I worked with Sherryn on the 8 week program for anxiety and found her incredibly helpful and her approach warm and comforting. Her professional yet friendly manner made working through the exercises together and undergoing hypnosis a seamless experience. Although at times, difficult feelings and memories arose, I felt strong enough to deal with them thanks to Sherryn's guidance and support. I highly recommend her as a hypnotherapist at Hypnolab. Thank you Sherryn.
Allison Staggard
16 May 2023
Sherryn provided me with real life guidance with my anxiety that was out of control. The hypnosis was very effective and its impact was felt immediately. Dealing with anxiety previously was absolute torment for me. Sherryn provided me with sound advice and tactics that I still use to this day (some 3 months since I last spoke to her). If you want someone who is easy to get along with, great to talk to and has expert knowledge in hypnosis and life coaching then contact Sherryn at Hypnolab. Amazing changes in a relatively short period of time! Thank you, Sherryn!!
Philip Raby
15 May 2023
I wanted to share my journey with Monica in the hope it may help someone in their personal struggles.I was first diagnosed at age 30 with major depression following the death of my father. I believe that I had anxiety and grumbling depression before that I had assumed was normal and the major life challenge brought it to a head.Since that time, I have cycled through numerous psychologists, psychiatrists and anti-depressants none of which brought me major relief from my symptoms.I had accepted that it was something I had to live with and manage using techniques and habits I knew where good for my mental health. Life was a struggle.I saw Monica’s advertisement on Facebook of all places. What person in their right mind would rely on Facebook to help with life struggles? As life was so hard I decided I was not going to miss the opportunity to try and find a different way to help me in the hope that I would find relief.My first free session with Monica gave me hope that maybe this would work. To commit to a 10-session program that was a hard decision, but I had decided that I only had 1 life and I owed it to myself to explore the treatment in the unlikely event that it works.Monica’s techniques and program introduced me to Hypnosis and though we don’t truly understand why it works but I know it has for me. I always knew the sub conscious controlled most of our actions and thinking and now that I have experienced Hypnosis, I believe it unconditionally.I cannot speak more highly of the relief I have experienced after only 3 sessions with Monica. She has taught me techniques and given me audio for self-hypnosis that I have been using most days. I have now completed the full program.It is now 3 months since I started with Monica, and I wanted to hold off writing a recommendation as I wanted to see if the relief was something that would continue. I am happy to say that it has lasted, and I believe it will going forward.Monica has changed my life I only wish I met her or someone like her 30 years ago.Monica you should be proud of the help you have given me.
Mick John
12 May 2023
Thankyou Hypnolab and in particular Sherryn Bowers! Sherryn you helped me through my difficult times with anxiety , taught me proven strategies (which I still Use today) to help me manage my anxiety. Thankyou for diving into my past where with your help I was able to identify and let go of those past fears! I’m in debt to you Sherryn, and I thankyou so much!
Farzana R
2 May 2023
Where do I start! Me and my daughter are forever indebted to Monika from Hypnolab. Monika helped me to make peace with my past trauma, helped me to understand my strengths, taught me strategies to deal with anxiety, trained me to work on my approach towards my teenage daughter, who was also struggling with her past trauma/ anxiety and depression. My daughter saw few different psychologist before, but nothing helped. However, after discovering Hypnolab , and receiving therapy from Monika , she is now a completely different person! Strong , happy, positive. Our mother - daughter relationship has also improved significantly. I highly recommend Monika from Hypnolab if you are going through mental health related issues.

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NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer

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Certificate IV Business Management

NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer

Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner

Reconnective Healing Certification

Timeline Practitioner

Certified Practitioner of Matrix Therapies

Professional Certified Coach (International Coach Foundation)

The Universal Hierarchy of Motivation (UHM) Professional Leadership Coach

Women’s Leadership Coach (One of many, UK)

Extended DiSC Accredited Consultant and Trainer

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