Emotional Eating


Emotional eating can be described as the consuming food satisfy feelings and emotions (reducing negative emotions and or increasing pleasant ones) rather than for nourishment or hunger.

Traumatic events, separation, loss or stressful working environments can trigger emotional eating. The subconscious behaviour pattern becomes a coping strategy to protect you from experiencing the pain/severity of the emotion that is being suppressed / medicated with food.

How do you know if you are am emotional eater? Eating in response to grief, sadness, guilt, shame anger even tiredness can show up in many different ways.

Do you:

  • Use food to feel better?
  • Repeatedly visit the cupboard or fridge late at night or just to relax?
  • Consume sugary sweets while working just to get you though?
  • Eat in secret
  • Drive through or take away when stressed
  • Turn to cakes and sweets at the first sight of bad news?
  • Eat for just something to do, out of boredom?
  • Use chocolate for a quick pick me up?

Separating emotional eating from “treating yourself” is essential. Popcorn at the movies, dinner with friends, the odd ice-cream at the beach. For most of us this is okay and doesn’t warrant concern. When you rely on food to ease discomfort, pain, to feel happy or excited about life, this pattern of behaviour can become problematic.

Emotional eaters often experience one or more of the following:

  • Excess weight gain
  • Feeling out of control
  • Guilt about excess calorie consumption
  • Shame about body image
  • Poor self esteem
  • Disgust/ remorse after binge
  • Frustration over poor self control
  • Yo yo dieting
  • Failure to develop resourceful emotion regulation coping strategies
  • Eat to fill a void

How do you begin to address emotional eating?

As a specialist in Hypnosis for emotional eating, Monika Polemicos will help you to establish alternative coping strategies so you are free to develop a healthy relationship with food and yourself.

Dieting is rarely helpful in treating emotional eating. Its essential that you get to know and understand the underlying root cause that has prompted the behaviour including the negative emotions associated with it. At HypnoLAB we spend 1.5 hours during the initial discovery session. You walk away with insight as to the triggers when, where and how the problem behaviour occurs from the very first session.

It’s only once you free yourself from the negative emotion/s triggering emotional eating that you can then invest your energy in goal of weight loss, health, fitness and body confidence.

The Hypnosis for Emotional Eating Program, provides a safe and reliable step by step system addressing emotional eating at the root cause.

The program aims to:

  • Free you from obsessive food thoughts
  • Feel in control of your eating patterns
  • Become friends with your body again
  • Lose weight
  • Provide alternative strategies to cope with difficult situations in the future

Imagine feeling emotionally lighter, confident and in control of your weight. What would it mean to you have more energy, spending less time thinking about food and do what actually makes you happy?

Book a complimentary appointment to discuss how our Hypnosis for Emotional Eating can help you.

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