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Hypnosis For Stress Melbourne

Stress can provide you with the short term motivation to get things done quickly and efficiently. However, being under stress for long periods of time even at low levels can cause problematic symptoms and behaviours. Stress can be brought on by unexpected events, changes in circumstance, work demands and friction in relationships.

Stress related presenteeism and absenteeism is costing Australian employers 10.11 billion a year.

Stressed individuals may appear to be more emotional and irritable than usual, lack of quality sleep a major contributor. Making every day simple decisions like what to have for dinner and can be difficult for someone experiencing stress. Sometimes this can be the first sign of concern for people around them.


Although stress in the workplace is common, a stressed employee is working at reduced capacity as the quality and quantity of work declines as the stress increases. Having to put in more hours to produce the same quality of work, perpetuates the stress cycle and creates conflicts in the work/ life balance.

An individual experiencing stress may engage in risk taking behaviours such as drugs, smoking, gambling and alcohol use above usual engagement to manage stress. If left unmanaged, stress can lead to concerns with time off work, relationship issues, diminished self-esteem and self-confidence, mental illness such as anxiety disorder and depression.

Prevention of stress is definitely better than cure. People who sleep well, set aside time to relax, exercise and eat healthier report higher levels of well being and lower levels of stress. Professional assistance is available to reduce the overwhelm, and have you feeling in charge of yourself again.

The Stress Relief program offers private and confidential counselling to individuals and employers to support individuals experiencing stress. Learn specific stress busting techniques designed to eliminate the symptoms of stress, restoring calm and clarity to your day. The program aims to strengthen your own ability to resolve issues of concern quickly and easily, so you have the energy get back on track doing the things that are most important to you.

Do yourself a favour and don’t let your stress get out of hand. Contact us today for your free consultation.

Changes to your circumstances and life events can trigger stress. Symptoms include:

  • Impaired cognitive functioning i.e. poor concentration, difficulty making everyday decisions, forgetfulness
  • difficultly sleeping, worry before bed
  • exhaustion, muscle stiffness
  • reduced productivity
  • feelings of worry, anxiety
  • physiological symptoms such as chest tightening, accelerated heart rate
  • perspiration
  • weight gain especially around the mid- section
  • reduced immunity, reoccurring illness
  • grumpiness/ irritability
  • emotional outbursts, crying anger
  • feeling under pressure to perform
  • avoidance of necessary tasks
  • feelings of inadequacy and failure

Hypnosis For Anxiety Melbourne

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health concerns in Australia with one in four people experiencing anxiety at any given time.

Anxiety differs from stress and worry as anxiety sufferers don’t always know what the cause or triggers are.

All anxiety symptoms varying in intensity from nervousness and butterflies in the stomach to hyperventilation during a panic attack. Agreeably all anxiety symptoms are undesirable and unpleasant. Not knowing when it could strike often reduces social activity or venturing to unknown places from fear that anxiety could arise. Anyone who has experienced anxiety before can tell you of the unpredictable nature can have.


There are different types of anxiety:

Social Anxiety– fear of being judged or embarrassed by others.

Generalised Anxiety disorder (GAD)– persistent worry about the future, catastrophizing thoughts.

Phobia– specific fear about a thing or situation.

Panic disorder– a strong unexpected physiological response including rapid breathing and perspiration that may lead the person to believe they are having a heart attack. Fear or having a panic attack in the future.

Other conditions such as OCD and PTSD anxiety is also present.

Working with a trained Clinical practitioner, in our powerful Hypnotherapy For Anxiety Melbourne programs can help you overcome anxiety in 4 simple steps.

  1. Identify your personal triggers for anxiety so you can be prepared.
  2. Systematic approach to releasing negative emotions from the past in addition to anxiety so you can move forward leaving old baggage behind.
  3. Provide anxiety eliminating techniques that leave you calm, in control and positive about the future.
  4. Experience calming relaxation you can use anytime anywhere to prevent overwhelm and panic.

Our programs are so successful that some people are able to reduce or eliminate unnecessary medication.

Get your freedom back to enjoy life again!

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